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Full Movie Name: Naam Shabana 2017 Indian Movie
Movie Size: 1.41 GB
Movie Quality: 720p BluRay
Movie Genres: Mystery, Action, Crime
Movie Release Year: 2017
Movie Language: Hindi
Naam Shabana Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Manoj Bajpai, Akshay Kumar, Prithviraj Sukumaran


Naam Shabana Full Movie

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Naam Shabana Full Movie Summary

Shabana Khan, is a college student and a judo fighter who is kept under surveillance as a potential recruit for Indian Agency. She is asked out on a date by his friend Jai on her birthday where he confesses his lover for her. On their way back, drunk men assaults them which results in the Jai getting killed. Shabana receives a call from an unknown number asking if she wants to avenge Jai’s death in exchange for joining a secret government agency. She agrees to this deal and is later posted with the whereabouts of Jai’s killers.

Shabana enters the room where they were staying, kills the guy and escapes with the help of another agent, Ajay Singh. Later, she is recruited into the agency and trained with extensive physical workout and fighting techniques. She is sent to kill Mikhail, international arms dealer, after he kills three secret agents of the agency who discovers that Tony, right hand man of Mikhail, is in fact Mikhail himself after getting surgery.

Shabana teams up with agent Ajay Singh and Prakash Shukla and plans to kill Mikhail when he attempts to get his second face surgery in the hospital. She engages in a fist fight with him in the operation theatre and kills him anyhow and later all the agents escape back with no trace of them killing Mikhail.

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